"CARRY ON" VIDEO INTERVIEW + SONG AUDIO: A Song Written For A Dear Friend 

This is the second song I'm very proud to be sharing from the new album. Several years ago a life-long friend, my best friend in fact (we were born a few months apart and literally grew up together), lost her battle with a mental illness and took her own life. She was an incredibly caring and loving person with a personality that was larger than life. Sadly, during the last couple of years of her life, I didn't get much of a chance to understand what she was going through. Musically, I wanted to create a safe space for her, a patch of grass in a quiet field, that she could escape too whenever she needed it, and a place for myself to remember how much joy she gave me, so "Carry On" represents that. Sally, this one's for you.  

In this video I share more about Sally, and how the song came to be, as well as debut the full song. 

Acoustic Guitar/Vocals: Richard Grewar 
Electric Guitar: Dave Hyde 
Drums: Paul Durham  
Bass/Piano: Caleb James 

Produced & Mixed by: Caleb James 
Mastered by: Matthew Gray Mastering 

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